Do you suffer from aches and pains when you are riding your bike?

Have you had an injury and need to get back feeling comfortable on your bike?

Do you need to buy a new bike and you are overwhelmed with the number of measurements needed to place the order?

It is not only about finding the best possible position on the bike, but to make a complete biomechanical analysis of your body morphology and motion patterns to be able to find and tackle discomfort and develop a preventive work that will make you enjoy cycling at its best.

Being myself a certified personal trainer and having performed Bike-fittings for over 10 years, I have opted to use the best technology and partner with making use of their motion analysis and pedaling systems, to offer the customer the best possible biomechanical advice and ensure an optimal and satisfactory result.


Flexibility and mobility Assessment and body measurements.

Cleat position determination and adjustments.

Saddle preasure mapping analysis to ensure the perfect saddle model.

3D Motion analysis on our bikeffiting machine to find out the perfect angle ranges.

Pedaling analysis looking for the best possible efficiency on the bike and correcting moving patterns.

Bike adjustments and report with the final position.


399.- 2 to 3 hours of service

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