Are you a cycling enthusiast and want to improve your performance but don’t know how to approach your training?

Do you have little free time to train but still want to perform at your best?

You have set a goal and you want to achieve it with the maximum guarantee of success.

I can help you achieve what you want and optimize your training time to the highest possible level.

Our training is based on a series of tests, key to create your athlete profile, and a daily analysis of your training data and your feedback.

It also needs to be simple and easy to follow in order to use your time available as efficiently as possible


We meet for a personal interview to understand and set the goals in short and long term and make a realistic aproach to the time and real life limitations.

Also we can advice you with the equipment and material you will need.

Set up a Trainingpeaks account where we can monitorize your daily training and create your custom workouts.Also we can advice you with the equipment and material you will need.

Perform different tests to create an athlete’s profile and set the base line for the upcoming training (including a lactate ramp test).

Create a custom training plan wich will be updated weekly with daily anylisis of the different workouts, giving the necesary advice or corrections and taking the customer’s feedback for future adjustments. Having a regular contact with the athlete is key for succes of a custom training plan.

Analyze your goal event to create the best strategy to perform at your best and also set a feeding plan to be sure to be properly fueled at the right moment.

200.- monthly (min. 3 months)
2150.- Full year (inc. lactate test)
Lactate test