I decided to make my passion my career

My great passion has always been sport and especially training and performance improvement and gains. 

I’m a Personal trainer and fitness specialist.

I have helped many cyclists to find a better position and comfort on the bike.


There, whilst performing thousands of Indoor Cycling classes, I began to discover a real passion for cycling and as we all know this addictive sport quickly takes over.

I came to know all the best roads and climbs in the region, and trained with many of the best cyclists in the area.

Roberto Sánchez

Later I decided to devote all my energy to cycling as a mechanic and bike-fitter, a job that I love and have been doing for almost 20 years.

Bringing together my passion for training and cycling I have competed in both Road, MTB and more recently Cyclocross races with the sole aim of seeking the limit to my physical potential and to enjoy the adrenaline of racing.

I still enjoy riding my bike everyday and I’m always up for a good bike ride.

During this time, I also dedicated myself to research the science involved in cycling training and analyzed every detail in order to improve my own form and fell in love with the process of how to be a better athlete and finally be faster on the bike.

Finally, after years advising many people with their trainings, I decided to dedicate myself professionally to help any cyclist to reach their goals and I finished my studies as a cycling coach.